Michael is a production designer best known for his work on the critically acclaimed and award-winning films “It Follows”, “Under the Silverlake,” and “Promising Young Woman”. He is known for his creative and detailed approach to design with a distinct visual style that complements the film’s overall look and tone, while contributing to the characters and storyline.

After getting his BFA in Theater Design from VCU and his MFA in Sets, Lighting and Costume Design from USC, he entered the film business as a scenic painter, quickly moving up to art director working on projects like the great film “Fabulous Baker Boys” and the series “The Stand”.

In the middle of his career, he started working on commercials and spent 12 years designing hundreds of ads in the US and around the world. But Michael’s passion was always designing films and he had the opportunity to move back into that world with the film “Killer Elite” and then “It Follows”. He continues to design and look for challenges in all genres of films from the recent horror film “Texas Chainsaw” with Legendary Films to the rom com “I Want You Back” for Amazon.

His full list of credits, awards and nominations can be seen on his website www.michaelperrydesign.com


Win SDSA for Promising Young Woman
5 Nominations for Promising Young Woman
1 Nomination for Under the silver lake
Emmy Nomination for The Stand
Win ICAD for best design European Commercial